When we choose plastic-free alternatives over single-use food and beverage containers and harmful plastics, we are conscious and proud participants in nourishing a healthier world!  ReTHINC was created through the inspiration of Hayley Mete, founder of Ecopiggy, and her ever-deepening desire to do more to nourish sustainable relationships with our environment and our world.  As a distributor of natural children’s products and, inspired by the passionate work being carried out by her peers, she was uniquely positioned to further her vision of long-term, sustainable balance with some of the most influential leaders in the business. Favoring collaboration over competition, these hero-brands rallied together as a cooperative family to serve as a positive force for a healthier and more responsible world. We actively invite you to join our eco-conscious family. We are in this together and, together, we make a difference!

Why do we need to ReTHINC plastics?

Eliminating plastics from our landfills, we keep them out of our waterways, reducing the harm they cause to all living beings.  When we make the choice to reduce the use of plastics in our daily lives, we lessen the negative impact of petrochemicals and participate in creating a healthier planet for future generations.  It’s not too late!  In gratitude for the wonderment of the natural world and all its resources, we wholeheartedly invite you to join us in making conscious choices, treading gently, and celebrating the ability to be a positive influence in this precious world!