About the Founder

I’ve never been one to stand still for long.  Life is full of opportunities to grow and learn.  With two young children of my own and four nieces and nephews—being a steward for our Earth has taken on ever greater meaning—inspiring choices that ensure all beings can keep playing for centuries to come.  

We can’t just do it FOR them though.  We must TEACH them that their everyday choices create the world they live in.  How they treat the Earth and all its inhabitants, matters!   The best way to teach is to lead through our example.

I invite you to join us!  Pause,  for just a moment, and give thanks for something simple in life.  Now, take your shoes off and go massage the Earth with those cute toes of yours.  We guarantee, it will massage you back!    

If  you’re ever in Ashland, OR, we’d love to meet you!  Stop by our headquarters and say hello. You’ll find us beneath the beauty of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument—laughing all the way home.

Curious to know more about me?  Read some fun facts {here}.  You can also follow me on {instagram}.